Trail Mix in the Denver Post

From September of 2005 through January 2011, I authored the popular Trail Mix column in the Travel Section of the Denver Post. During this time I shared over 180 adventures with readers, ranging from trail hikes to cross-country ski trips to mountaineering, as well as technical rock and ice climbs.

These columns are re-created here in their original un-edited format, warts and all, just as I submitted them to my editor. At the time of writing I made every attempt to provide accurate information. However, I make no promises that there are no errors. In addition, conditions and access change over time. Some of these trips may no longer be feasible for a variety of reasons. Do your research ahead of time. Consider these to be historical documents.

If you decide to explore any of these activities, you do so at your own risk. Remember that many of the activities described in these pages are dangerous and may result in injury or death. It is your responsibility to acquire the skills necessary to participate in any of these activities.

Having said the above, I hope that you will find as much enjoyment in the following pages as I and my friends have.

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