Born on the northeast coast of England, I developed a fascination with wild places at a young age. Summer vacations were spent exploring the chalk cliffs and rock pools of the coast, or hiking the Yorkshire Dales and Wolds. As a graduate student I would sometimes spend my weekends wandering the rugged North Sea coastline, camera in hand, then rush back to the darkroom to process the resulting black and white images.

Moving to the western US in the early 1970’s I started to explore the deserts and mountains. Backpacking and climbing allowed me to visit the remotest areas, and soon I travelled further afield to climb in the Greater Ranges of the Andes, Himalaya, Alaska Range, etc. My cameras always accompanied me on these trips. Balancing a passion for climbing with a career in physics was always a challenge. In 2002 I decided to become a full-time writer and photographer, sharing my passion for the outdoors through both mediums.
Since that time I have published two books on the Colorado Mountains, and for a number of years my Trail Mix column in the Denver Post introduced readers to some of the less well known but no less spectacular locations in Colorado.
More recently my focus has been on capturing nature at its most spectacular, whether it be in the deserts of the Southwest or mountains around the world. I regularly return to my favorite spots in order to capture unique light and atmospheric conditions, never tiring of exploring new ways to photograph a location.

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  1. Hi Dave,
    My wife (Kyle) & I absolutely love your Colorado Scrambles book. We have completed 6 of the scrambles and we are planning on 3 more this summer.

    We are trying to figure out a modern backpack that would work for the approach and also the summit climb (so we don’t have to bring two packs). In your book, you said that you like the Arc’teryz NoZone pack, but that is not in production anymore. Would you have any recommendations for a pack that can work for everything? Thanks again for the book. It’s awesome and I hope someday we can finish all the climbs.

    1. Hi Patrick, thanks for your comments and glad you are enjoying the book.

      I’m not really current on newer packs. The NoZone seems dated nowadays (a bit heavy?). I’m using a Mutant 38 (Osprey) for ice climbing and some alpine but haven’t used it for overnight. Might be a bit small and doesn’t carry heavy loads (>50 lbs) as well as the NoZone. Fit is the most important thing.


  2. Hi! Hoping to purchase a copy of the Colorado scrambles book… did it ever make it into ebook form? I can only find it used on Amazon for… a very high price.


    1. Hi Scott,

      Thanks for your comment and sorry it took me so long to respond. Your best bet may be to order the Scrambles book directly from the publisher, CMC Press. The CMC website is http://www.cmc.org.

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