Each year I publish a gallery of my favorite images. Click on the lefthand image for a link to these galleries. Click on the righthand image for various collections, videos and presentations.

NOTE: This page is still undergoing development.

Images of 2019

Valle Encantado, Argentina
Mount Igikpak Attempt

Images of 2018

Torres del Paine, Patagonia
Exploring Alaska 1992-2008

Images of 2017

Yellowstone in Winter

Images of 2016

Winter Sunset, Bryce Canyon

Images of 2015

Snowy Egret fishing in the surf, Naples, Florida

Images of 2014

White Pocket, Arizona

Images of 2013

Mt. Igikpak, Gates of the Arctic National Park

Images of 2012

Harris's Hawk - Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Images of 2011

Sandhill Cranes on Ice, Bosque del Apache