Yellowstone National Park – January 2017

Posted by: dave c
at 23:44, January 27 2017.

Winter transforms Yellowstone. Gone are the hordes of tourists and their vehicles. The only way into most of the park is with over-the-snow vehicles, either snowmobiles or, as we did, via specially converted buses.

The pools may not exhibit the vibrant colors seen in warmer weather, although the colors are still stunning, but the geyser eruptions are much more impressive due to the copious amounts of steam. In fact, there are times when walking through a geyser basin when visibility is zero. As a photographer I find this to offer interesting photo ops.

In the winter bison tend to spend more time in the geyser basins where snow is less deep and grasses easier to forage on.

Shortly after New Years, Ginni and I headed up to Flagg Ranch at the southern entrance to the Park, and thence to Old Faithful to stay in cabins for a few days and ski and photograph. The nights were cold, usually in the negative thirties fahrenheit and snow conditions were excellent.

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